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I used to have the domain, it was pretty relevant in the early 2000s and was run with a Drupal install that I put a load of crap on to and made it a rather ok thing.

Time moved on, the domain lapsed and that was that for a while as I returned back to the old faithful domain.

When I started moving in to a more business setting, I then had to look for a solution. I was also pretty interested in getting a much shorter domain. I went looking, using various combinations, some less logical than others.

In my mind I was trying to think of something that I connected with, and I remembered EvilCheese, I used to call it ec. On that fateful day 3rd January 2017, I tapped in ec to the domain search, filtered down to "Europe" and it was there staring at me in the eye...

In the little namespace of the Balwick of Jersey, there she was, the name I saught. Slapped that on my credit card in a panic and it began. The site was my initial attempt at running all my blogging via WordPress. Later it would kick start and

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